Secrecy once dominated Politics and Big-Business: but Hope is a Light to be reckoned with

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Hope is a Light to be reckoned with; whirling in that hope is the next generation of World Leaders. Some suffer in Global misfortunes like: Famine, Disease, Environmental-Degradation, Pornography, Slave-Trading and Lack-of-Morality. Their adversities lead to unrest and distrust with Modern Society. Introducing the Spirit-of-Faith to impoverished Nations will raise their Standards-of-Living.

Pools of Secrecy once dominated Politics and Big-Business; now through Transparency and Social Justice both are suffering of their own Audacity. Soon those Tortured or Mislead will sit in Judgment, Vote, or Lead their economies. Will they favor more of the same tyranny? Fighting for control of Natural Resources, Labor, and Territory is all they’ve known.

God’s Spirit-of-Faith can overcome needless worry and strengthen world economics through Kindness-of-Heart, Sharing, and Moral upbringing. Christ can bridge New Life, Standards-of-Living, and Peace that upcoming Leaders can Partner with for Hope.

“My heart is confident in you O God; no wonder I can sing your praises with all my heart! Wake up the dawn with my song. I will thank you, Lord, among all the people. I will sing your praises among the nations. For your unfailing love is higher than the heavens. Your faithfulness reaches to the clouds. Be exalted, O God, above the highest heavens. May your glory shine over all the earth. Now rescue your beloved people. Now answer and save us by your power.” (Psalm 108:1-6 NLT)

Yes! God of all creation can restore hope through people like You. Justice is being served across a Frazzled-World. And little by little channels of Communication have chipped away at once Impenetrable-Souls. Truth is Gathered and Shared through Religion so ALL who thirst for Salvation, please help unify our boundless Body-in-Christ.

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Pope Francis is renovating Vatican City: Lay communities can Help!

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Ever prayed for a word in Edge-Wise, it’s rare here at Media Ministry, but it happens. Pope Francis is renovating Vatican City, the Holy See, and Rome’s integral being; Lord knows there’s still Sects to send packing. According to ongoing Spiritual Insights, Church leaders have a real chance to restore Dignity. Lay communities all over the World are Watching, Willing, and Wondering how to help.

B.S. Wise / Foter / CC BY

My Lord, change isn’t as hard as some think, God knows human weakness. If you’ve accepted the responsibility to work in Poverty and Humility then be Prudent too. Religious reform is approaching all Time Highs, Jesus is restoring Faith and Trust to an Aching Body.

Back in the day I’d seek a Full-Body oil massage for Aches and Pains. Now a day’s I settle for Holy Insight, since Romance is still missing. The Church has a Bigger-Body to Sooth and She loves the Attention. God’s community can deliver the Peace-of-Mind parishioners seek; please Help build a Body that’s Firm and Free to explore Love that’s New and True.

“And now, our God, the great and mighty God and awesome God, who keeps His covenant of unfailing love, do not let all our hardships we have suffered be as nothing to you. Great trouble has come upon us and upon our kings, and princes and priests and prophets and ancestors from the days when the kings of Assyria first triumphed over us until now. Every time you punished us you were being just.

We have sinned greatly, and you gave us only what we deserved. Our kings, princes, priests, and ancestors did not obey your law or listen to your commands and solemn warnings. Even while they had their own kingdom, they did not serve you even though you showered your goodness on them. You gave them a large, fertile land, but they refused to turn from their wickedness.” (Nehemiah 9 32-35 NLT)

Good God Almighty, I believe we’ve finally connected the right Souls. Religious organizations are flirting with new highs, the type that mend rather than break down; bonds that show One Body-inChrist connected from Head to Toe, not just through Tithes. If each Diocese would wake up to Alternative Energy their families would flourish; Energy Conservation is integral to our Planets well-being, people who care about Creation know this, are You willing to Help?

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