A Personal Journey Inside the Mystical Writings of, “His Truth in Living Words”


My personal Journey began laying Prostrate, Trembling, and Under the Influence of the Holy Spirit. While a raging storm wreaked havoc on the San Francisco Bay Area yours truly began a voyage in Christ. Divine wisdom made its way into my life through many channels thereafter. All of them pointed to Christ’s merciful Spirit alive and renewing my trust in Almighty God.

Early on I met challenge after challenge with help from strange Acquaintances, Books and Movies that crossed my path. Most encounters would reveal something God wanted me to write about, and I did so faithfully. I went back to school, became a Catechist, and met the Verbum Dei community over the next five years. A few religious sisters were part of the Newman Club at SFSU where I eventually earned a business degree. Throughout school God’s messages took priority over my studies, few days went by that I didn’t channel what the Spirit invoked.

In the book are two pictures and a link leading to a U-Tube video taken by an off duty San Francisco Chronicle reporter the very night I was Sanctified in Christ. The first picture is a surreal image of the Holy Spirit descending into my being following a historical Bay Area storm.

Next you’ll find an image made with PhotoFunia to portray someone seeking insight from “His Truth in Living Words.” And then a picture of a prayer Christ’s Spirit gave to Rosanna, a Verbum Dei novice, via me. Our acquaintance and friendship became and is a profound part of my faith journey.

The book is for Weekend Warriors who seek salvation or a closer relationship with Christ through scripture, but are too busy during the week; grab hold of a copy I’ve been assured many petitions WILL BE ANSWERED!


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