SATAN’S Anti-Peace antics are TREACHEROUS to youthful minds: so Preach, Tithe, and Worship in unison

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Ultra stimulating Trials, Tribulations, and Teachings of New Evangelists have flooded the Media with Life Saving Tributes. Tribunals often Wreak-Havoc on the innocent; Christ was condemned under false pretense. A trial before Jealous, Possessed or Faithless peers can end in Disaster, even Death. What can be done about misfortunes?

There’s an overwhelming need for Prayer; an undisturbed, wholehearted appeal to God. Gospel directed Social Medias can  help end WAR. So All-Conscious God-Fearing beings are urged to participate.

Be aware that Evil doers delve into Propaganda and Plagiarism with no bounds; all Nations must police broadcasting systems. Discretion is advised, for SATAN’S Anti-Peace antics are TREACHEROUS to youthful minds. The Health, Dignity and Spiritual-Well-Being of generations to come seek our Petitions;  so Preach, Tithe, and Worship in unison Friends and Families of God.

“A song of ascents. The LORD answered me when I called in my distress. LORD, deliver my soul from lying lips, from a treacherous tongue. What will he inflict on you, O treacherous tongue, and what more besides?

A warrior’s arrows sharpened with coals of brush wood! Alas, I am a foreigner in Meshach, I live among the tents of Kedar! Too long do I live among those who hate Peace. When I speak of peace, they are for war.” (Psalms 120:1-7 NABRE)

Soul Raiders know not what they do; when there is Love they Lust, in Light they seek Cover, and rather than a Serenity of Faith they Blast, Beseech, and Barter for Conflict. The world suffers from don’t see, hear or tell what’s alienating the Children.

Senity of Faith


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Has the Proliferation of Religious Liberty been infringed upon? Take apart these terms and we find society doing what God mandated since the beginning of time; multiply His flock whose freedom to worship is not to be trespassed against. God sent His only Son to encourage Spiritual Understanding amongst those most in need. The rise in religious dialogue across Social Medias is our way of saying YES to JESUS in retaliation to the rise in Secular Wars.

Earthly Evils encroach the souls of Youth all over this world. Spiritual brainwashing has not escaped notice, the Holy Ones are Baptizing all denominations to God. Souls thirst for justice; but eat, drink, and worship people, money, and wealth. I shudder to think how Truth will proclaim victory, He always has and will again; for God is ALL TRUTH whose veracity to Love is just a humbled cry away.

“Therefore, let us leave behind the basic teaching about Christ and advance to maturity, without laying the foundation all over again; repentance from dead works and faith in God, introduction to Baptisms and laying of hands, resurrection of the dead and eternal judgment. And we shall do this if only God permits.

For it is impossible in the case of those who have been enlightened and tasted the heavenly gift and shared in the Holy Spirit and tested the good word of God and the powers of the age to come, and then have fallen away, to bring them to repentance again, since they are recrucifying the Son of God for themselves and holding Him in contempt.” (Hebrews 6:1-6 NABRE)

The relentless evils of this world are attacking Deprived Populations; they always have and always will because there is weakness. Fallen away Saints hurt Social Justice because they spend time apart from our Body. While away many dispose themselves in lifeless Hypocrisy and Contempt by the company they keep. Today’s message is simple, Trust God. Listen! For His words are wise and these messages are filled with intuition.